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How to support the actions of Caritas for refugees

Dear British Friends,

After a long struggle, we are finally able to host asylum seekers in our new building in town, 39 rue Moscou, in CALAIS !

For us, it’s about having the ability to receive our migrant friends in a different setting, in town, in a more dignified way, for a distribution of clothes where they can have a choice, without needing to queue and with a different type of welcome ... which is not possible in the Jungle.

So from September we will resume with two major distributions per month for a few hundred people at a time.

For this we need donations in quantities because there are 9,000 people and we are short of everything !

Please no women and children’s clothes- only clothes for men and focusing on small sizes (S and M)

Jeans, jogging trousers, T-shirts, sweaters, underclothing, backpacks, hiking boots and sneakers, coats, blankets, sleeping bags, scarves, gloves, hats ... Washing powder ...

We also always need bikes in large amounts.

You can deliver every Monday afternoon and Wednesday afternoon from 14h to 17h without appointment at our offices at 47 rue de Moscou, in Calais. We can also arrange appointments for sizeable deliveries. In which case please make an appointment with Christine in advance by email.

Thank you for your participation in widely distributing this request and for your involvement.

Christine Descamps, volunteer manager of Migrant Relief locker room in Calais. (m.christine.descamps@free.fr)

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