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« Refugees Welcome » Mobilisation of all citizens

samedi 19 septembre 2015

« Refugees Welcome » Mobilisation of all citizens

The charity ‘Secours Catholique’ has planned and organized a citizen mobilisation ‘Refugees Welcome’ with French and British associative partners. It will take place on Saturday the 19th of September in Calais Our British friends are deeply involved in it and we hope that Belgian, Dutch and maybe German people will also be.

What’s happening in the world on those days and all the generosity impulses expressed can help us to gather a lot of people in the bid to encourage our French and European governments to adopt a policy which will be worthy of the values that were at the origin of European construction.

Those values are scorned today in Calais and elsewhere, which let the refugees undergo harsh life conditions and be at the mercy of the people smuggler when they want to reach a country where they want to find a shleter.

The idea is, following the common agreement declaration on security made by T May and B Cazeneyve, to propose to citizens, collectives , charities, personalities to come and sign up a common declaration of solidarism in front of the new barriers in Calais harbour. The Charity ‘Secours Catholique’ join forces, as well as Bernard Thibault, the secretary-general, as well as Father Jaeger with maybe his Anglican counterpart.

We wish that event to be important and I ask, if possible, to join us and participate in it.

I’m just hoping for your mobilisation and that we will meet in Calais, next September the 19th.

Véronique Devise,President of the Pas De Calais group

PS :Please, find attached at the top right corner the programme of the day.

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  • « Refugees Welcome » Mobilisation of all citizens