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What we do What we need

What we do

The charity Secours Catholique-Caritas France and its volunteers is present next to the exiles under very different ways :
- We run a warehouse which provides the exiles with all the things that are necessary when one lives in the street.
- We also help the Jules Ferry center workers every day which permits the exiles to have a shower.
- Every day we try to create a dialogue in the different places where exiles settle to create link and win their trust.
- We run a day center that we consider as a living place where exiles are welcomed like our brothers. In that day center there are many activities like games, bike workshop, French lessons, free speech groups…
- In this day center we have a team that welcomes, informs and accompanies more than 250 asylum seekers a year. We help them in all the administrative and judicial process to get the refugee status.
- We try to meet the numerous emergency situations for the most vulnerable exiles : injuries, isolated women and children, police harassment…
- We try to advocacy with local and national authorities so that the exiles rights are respected and enforced.

What we need

What is the most important and urgent for us is to finance all those activities (staff, vehicles, day center, train tickets for asylum seekers, hotel rooms for the post fragile and so on…). That’s why we would be grateful if you could make money donations to our charity, by transfer or by cheque. Please precise “migrants program in Calais”.

Our bank account is available on demand and you can send cheques at the following address :

Secours Catholique
Délégation du Pas-de-Calais
14 bis, rue Noël-Trannin
CS 20286
62005 Arras Cedex

We also need concrete donations, please find the list in the document “How to support the actions of Caritas for refugees”.
Thank you for not delivering any donations without taking an appointment before with us.
Email address of the volunteer in charge of the warehouse available in the document.

Many thanks for your help

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